What Templates Offer

Templates come with a variety of pre-designed layouts and widgets already integrated into the app design. These templates serve as a foundation for your project, providing you with a starting point to build upon. You can think of them as blueprints that help shape the initial structure of your app.

Choosing a Template for Your Project

When you're ready to create a new project within your organisation, you'll be prompted to select a template to kickstart your app development journey. Take a moment to explore the available options and choose the template that best suits your project's needs.

Getting Started with a Template

Once you've chosen a template, your project Dashboard will display two folders: the App Folder and Issues. The App Folder contains the app design template, complete with pre-built widgets to kickstart your design process. Meanwhile, the Issues folder provides content to demonstrate how articles connect to the app design layout. For more detailed information on utilising these features, refer to the next part of the documentation; Content.


Customise to Fit Your Vision

After choosing a template, you have the freedom to customise it to align with your vision. Feel free to modify or remove any widgets, adjust layouts, and personalise the content to reflect your app's unique identity.

By leveraging templates, you can streamline the app development process and bring your ideas to life more efficiently.

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