Edit Articles

Welcome to the Edit Article Dashboard, where you can effortlessly customise and fine-tune the content and appearance of your app's articles or pages. This dashboard empowers you to create engaging and visually appealing content for your app users. Let's break down what you'll find on the screen:

Save any changes made before proceeding to the next article.

Issues with Sections & Articles

The left side of the screen facilitates easy navigation between the app design and articles, allowing you to seamlessly transition back and forth as needed. It displays the Issue section along with its corresponding sections and articles.

Text Editor Bar

At the top of the middle section, you'll find the Text Editor Bar, which allows you to format text, add links, and toggle between different screen sizes (web, tablet, mobile). Make changes to font styles, underlines, and more by highlighting the content in the article display below.

Source Code

Access the source code tab to view and edit the HTML structure of your articles. Themes created will guide the placement of HTML tags, ensuring consistent styling. Copy and paste text into the source code page for precise control over formatting, but avoid inline styling to maintain theme consistency.

Tip: For articles with similar styles, easily duplicate the source code from one article and paste it into another, then modify the text and images as needed.

Article Display

Below the Text Editor Bar, you'll see the article display, where you can view and edit the content of your articles. Use the toggle button to switch between different screen sizes for a comprehensive preview of how your content will appear on various devices.


On the right-hand side, the Settings panel allows you to manage how your widgets display content. This section is divided into three tabs:

  • Settings: Manage document naming and upload cover images.

  • Images: Add images to enhance your articles or pages.

  • Styles: Apply styles to your content using themes created in the Themes section. Choose from a collection of themes and styles to customize the appearance of your articles.


Remember to save your work frequently, especially when moving between articles.

If you require further assistance on using Themes & Edit Articles, our dedicated support team is available to help at any time.

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