Welcome to the Project Dashboard, your central hub for managing all your app projects within a specific organisation. Here, you can access and organise all the apps associated with the selected organisation, making it easy to oversee and coordinate your app development efforts.


Upon clicking on an Organisation folder, you'll be directed to the Project Dashboard, where you'll find a list of all the projects (apps) within that specific organisation. Each project represents a unique app that you're developing for the organisation.

Add New Projects

Easily create new projects by clicking on the "+ New Project" button.

This feature opens a modal where you can input the project name and choose a template. Templates provide a quick starting point for your app development, allowing you to kickstart your project with pre-designed layouts. You can choose from blank or any other available templates, all of which can be customised or started from scratch. We recommend starting from a template while you get used to the app.

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