Welcome to the Settings page of the Account & Dashboard, where you can manage your account details, subscription plan, billing information, and contact our team for inquiries. Whether you need to update your personal information, review your subscription plan, or get in touch with our support team, this page provides you with the necessary tools to customise your account settings according to your needs.


The Settings page is divided into several sections, each focusing on different aspects of your account management:

1. Main Account Details

Here, you can view and update your main account details, including your name, last name, username, and email address. Keeping your account information up-to-date ensures smooth communication and access to your account.

2. Subscription Plan

View your current subscription plan and access details about the features and benefits included in your plan. If you're interested in upgrading or downgrading your plan, you can do so easily from this section. Access your billing information and manage your payment details. This section provides a shortcut to update your billing information or review your payment history.

3. Reptile Support

Have questions or need assistance? Use the contact option provided to reach out to our support team for inquiries or assistance with your account.

4. Upgrade Button

Located in the top right-hand corner, the Upgrade button allows you to explore and manage your subscription plan options. Clicking on this button will present you with the available plan options, giving you the flexibility to upgrade, downgrade, or close your account as needed.

How to Use This Section

To access the Settings page, simply navigate to the Account & Dashboard and click on the Settings tab. From there, you can easily update your account details, manage your subscription plan, access billing information, contact our team, and explore your plan options for upgrading or downgrading.

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