Welcome to the Widget Documentation section, your comprehensive guide to understanding and utilizing the diverse range of widgets available in our no-code app building software. Widgets are the building blocks of your app's interface, allowing you to add various functionalities, features, and content elements to create rich and interactive app experiences.

In this documentation, you'll find detailed information about each widget, including its purpose, customisation options, and best practices for implementation. Whether you're a seasoned developer or a novice app creator, this resource will empower you to design and build stunning apps with ease and efficiency.

Let's dive in and explore the endless possibilities of widget-based app development!

Image Widget

The Image Widget offers versatile options for incorporating images into your app design. Whether you need to display a logo, styled divider, or any other image, this widget provides the flexibility you need. Along with the image itself, you can customise the container housing the image using various styling options such as background colour and padding.

One of the key features of this widget is the ability to link the image to a URL, expanding the possibilities for enhancing user interaction and engagement within your app.

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